Surface types


We are committed to producing the highest-quality surfaces on our drill bits and shank tools. We apply thermal and chemical processing as well as create hard and durable finishing coats which, correctly used, increase the durability of blades and the effectiveness of the machining process.

High-quality drill bit finishing and the application of hard coats generate the following benefits:

  • machining can be conducted at higher parameters by reducing cutting resistance,
  • restricted buildup on machined edges,
  • reduced abrasive wear of cutting edges and eliminating cohesion,
  • by insulating the area of the chisel edge, the destructive effect of cutting heat on the material structure is limited,
  • possibility of dry machining or applying a small amount of coolant.
  • possibility of obtaining a smoother surface, and thus of increasing the machining efficiency.

Types of surfaces:

Characteristics: A bright, ground surface is the basic surface of ground tools designed for machining non-ferrous metals, chromium-nickel stainless steel and soft plastics. A bright surface guarantees good chip ejection.

Characteristics: Navy-blue surface, glossy after maintenance. A thin layer (2-6 µm) of alloy oxides is created in the process of tempering finished tools in steam. Passivation eliminates internal stress and alleviates the adverse effect of grinding. A passivated surface increases the blade’s durability by at least 30%, reduces drilling resistance and limits buildup.

Characteristics: A yellow-golden surface on the working surface of the drill bit. A titanium nitride coat of 1.5- 3µm in thickness and approx. 2300HV in hardness, produced in the PVD process on the surfaces of pre-treated bits. The PVD coating process is outsourced to OERLIKON BALZERS. The TiN coat increases the strength and durability of the blade up to four times when drilling in free automated steel. The costs of treatment can be significantly reduced by increasing the parameters of drilling by ca. 60%.

Characteristics: Gray-purple surface. A titanium aluminum nitride coat of 2-3µm in thickness and ca. 3300HV in hardness, obtained in the PVD process conducted by OERLIKON BALZERS, a global leader in hard-coating technology. The use of drill bits with this coating can increase the overall efficiency of work when dry-drilling.

Characteristics: This coating is particularly resistant to abrasive wear, and is therefore dedicated to hard machinable materials.