Personal data protection policy Fabryka “Wiertła Baildon” S.A.

The following document presents the method of processing personal data by Fabryka “Wiertła Baildon” S.A.

Fabryka “Wiertła Baildon” Spółka Akcyjna with its registered office in Katowice, ul. Żelazna 9, is the controller of your personal data.

We have implemented procedures and technical solutions to ensure compliance with personal data protection regulations effective in the European Union and the Republic of Poland. Safety procedures as well as technical and physical protections are in place to protect the personal data processed by us from unauthorized access, its loss, modification or unauthorized disclosure.

Legal basis for data processing

We process personal data because

  • It is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation,
  • It is necessary for purposes resulting from legitimate interests pursued by us,
  • We have obtained the consent of all relevant parties.

Personal data of the clients of Fabryka “Wiertła Baildon” S.A.

Depending on the method of contacting us, the type of contract concluded and the cooperating entity, the personal data of our clients may be processed by us in the following scope:

  • data obtained from our Clients: full name, telephone number, e-mail address, address of residence, tax identification number, company data, bank account number.
  • automatically obtained data: Internet protocol address (IP) used for connecting the computer with the Internet, information about the computer and the connection, such as the browser type and its version, types and versions of browser plugins, operating system, cookie files, Flash Local Shared Objects, information about the session, including the site response time, download errors, duration of visits on certain sites, information about site interactions (such as scrolling, clicks and mouse cursor movements), data of the device connecting to our wireless network, and methods used to view the site.

We process the client data for the purposes of:

  • Selling the products we offer,
  • Contact with us and familiarization with our offer,
  • Performance of a concluded contract,
  • Making our website available,
  • Monitoring the activities of our website visitors, using cookie files and other analytical tools,
  • Informing clients about our product offer, according to the interests and needs of our website visitors, with the use of profiling on the basis of Customer data obtained, including cookie files and analytical tools,
  • Surveys and analyses of the site’s functionality, aiming at its improvement,
  • Debt collection, conducting legal proceedings, arbitration and mediation procedures;
  • Meeting legal and regulatory requirements,
  • Conducting market research, customer satisfaction and quality assurance surveys, as well as direct marketing and sales promotions (solely on the basis of obtained consent).

The duration of processing of the Clients’ personal data depends on the purpose of processing and may amount to:

  • For contacts: the effective term of the contract and the limitation period for claims.
  • If consent was given by the person whom this data concerns, until the expiry of the consent.
  • Data processed in the pursuit of our legally justified interest for the time necessary for pursuance of the interest.
  • If data is processed for the purposes of direct marketing, until an objection is raised by the person whom this data concerns.
  • Data processed as a result of our legal obligation, for the duration stipulated by pertinent regulations.

Personal data of the suppliers of Fabryka “Wiertła Baildon” S.A.

In conducting its processes, the company makes use of services and products obtained from external suppliers. This requires us to process the personal data of company owners and their employees.

The scope of processed supplier personal data includes: full name, e-mail address, telephone number, company address, tax identification number, bank account number, registry data.

We process the data of our suppliers in order to:

  • Learn their offers.
  • Conclude contracts.
  • Conduct our accounting.
  • Fulfill legal and regulatory requirements.

Depending on the type of document, we process the personal data of our suppliers for the following periods of time:

  • Data included in the offer for a period of 60 days.
  • Contracts throughout their effective term, and after the cooperation has terminated, through the limitation period of claims.
  • Financial documents for 5 calendar years, except in situations where the data is necessary for conducting audits, are related to a different settlement period, or are required for documenting possible claims.

Personal data of the employees of Fabryka “Wiertła Baildon” S.A.

We process the personal data of our employees according to the scope indicated by law: full name, parents’ names, date of birth, place of residence (correspondence address), Personal Identification Number PESEL, tax identification number, education, course of employment, full names and dates of birth of the employee’s children, if submitting this data is necessary regarding the employee’s exercise of certain rights stipulated by the labor law, image, bank account number.

Personal data of employees is processed to:

  • Fulfill legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Give them access to the company’s IT systems.
  • Keep record of the employee’s work time to calculate their salary and other work benefits.
  • Ensure their safety on the company premises.

The period of personal data processing is determined by the law and amounts to:

  • Personal files maximally 50 years, counting from the termination of employment.
  • Payroll documentation for 50 years, counting from its creation.
  • Documents of employees hired under civil law agreements, for the period required to access this information under the provisions on pensions and taxes, but not less than 5 years.
  • If consent was given by the Employee, until the expiry of this consent.

Personal data of candidates applying for work at Fabryka “Wiertła Baildon” S.A.

In conducting the recruitment process and accepting job applications in our company, we process the personal data of our candidates.

The scope of personal data processed by us is permitted by law and includes the data which is voluntarily submitted by the Candidate: full name, date of birth, place of residence (correspondence address), education, course of past employment, e-mail address, telephone, image.

Data is processed for the purpose of recruiting new employees in our company.
Depending on the consents given by the Candidate, we process data:

  • Throughout the process of recruitment for a specific position.
  • For the purpose of future recruitments for other positions, until consent is withdrawn by the person whom the data concerns, but no longer than 12 months from the moment of the Candidate’s submitting an application.

Personal data of former employees of Fabryka “Wiertła Baildon” S.A.

We are obligated by law to process, in archival form, the personal data of our former employees.  The scope of data and its processing period is the same as for employment. We archive this data to document the former employee’s employment history for the purposes of former employees, and as documentary evidence in the event of official audits (e.g. ZUS, IRS).

Rights of data subjects

People whom the data concern have the following rights with respect to their data:

  • Obtaining information about the personal data processed.
  • Access to personal data processed.
  • Correction of incomplete or inaccurate information which is processed.
  • Removal of personal data in justified cases (when the reason for continuing its processing has elapsed or when consent has been withdrawn).
  • Transfer of data, i.e. obtain the data and reuse it with a different controller.
  • Opposition to the processing of personal data, when there is no justified reason thereto.
  • Protection against automatic decision-making and profiling.
  • Submitting a complaint with the President of the Personal Data Protection Authority if personal data is processed contrary to personal data protection laws.

Contact in matters related to personal data processing

All inquiries related to the processing of personal data and the rights of the people whom this data concerns, can be made at

Entrusting of personal data

As part of its regular activities, Fabryka “Wiertła Baildon” S.A. contracts the services of external suppliers whose services or products are necessary for the functioning of the company. Therefore, we are entitled to entrust personal data to external companies, for instance: suppliers of software, website and email hosts, courier service providers, database managers, payment processing companies, suppliers of communication tools, document destruction companies. Whenever we use the services of external companies, we entrust them only with such data as is necessary for attaining a purpose. Our suppliers are obligated to have protections in place to safeguard the personal data process in accordance with personal data protection laws. Our suppliers are bound by non-disclosure clauses and are only allowed to process personal data for the purposes which have been specified in the contract.

We assure you that we do not disclose any personal data to any third parties, apart from situations when we are obligated to do so by law, for instance under binding court sentences, in order to prevent fraud or other crimes, and under the voluntary consent of the person whom the data concerns.

We declare that we do not transfer any personal data outside the European Economic Area.

We declare that the automatic data processing, carried out on our websites and as part of our tools used for providing services to our clients (including profiling), does not cause any legal effects and does not significantly affect the situation of the people whom this data concerns.

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Marcin Salski – President of the Management Board
Katarzyna Regner  – Management Board Member
Paweł Bill – Management Board Member

Katowice, 01.07.2019