Drill bit material


High-quality, high-speed steel manufactured by reliable suppliers (ERASTEEL, BOEHLER, RAVNE) is used in the production of our drill bits. In this manner we ensure that the high and repeatable quality of tools is guaranteed.

Our many years of experience have resulted in optimized thermal treatment processes which produce adequately high hardness with a beneficial structure of material features, translating into high cutting properties.

High-speed steel types used:

  • basic, universal type SW7M for medium cutting efficiency and most common applications,
  • SK5M cobalt steel for more difficult drilling conditions, when higher efficiency is required, applied in the treatment of tempered alloy steel of approx. 30 HRC, austenitic stainless steel, titanium alloys,
  • SK8M cobalt steel on nickel and cobalt matrix is used to reach the highest cutting efficiency when machining tempered alloy steel of approx. 40 HRC, in the treatment of tool steel and hard-machinable steel, both manganese and heat-resistant steel,

On request, we can produce drill bits manufactured out of high-speed steel in the powder metallurgy (PM) method, or out of any other high-speed steel types selected by the customer.


Cemented carbides sourced from leading manufacturers are used in the production of our tools. The types of cemented carbides to be used are chosen depending on the type or intended purpose of the tool.

Solid drill bits and cutters are made of K20 – K40 (ISO) cemented carbide of adequate hardness, resistance to wear, and with a set of mechanical properties ensuring high resistance to dynamic work conditions, particularly to chisel edge chipping during machining processes. By standard, it is TSM 33 submicron carbide produced by CERATIZIT.

All drill plates soldered to steel and cast iron are characterized by a high level of hardness and high resistance to wear.

For percussive drilling in walls and concrete, apart from increased resistance to wear, cemented carbide plates are also characterized by high resistance to chipping.