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 We hereby present a new electronic catalogue of the products we offer.
Apart from standard tools for simple drilling operations it also comprises HSS-E steel drills and drills from sintered carbide – with protective coating for more complicated tasks as well as shank cutters made of sintered carbide. However, should none of the catalogued tools be fit for the challenges of a specific technological purpose, we shall make an appropriate special tool tailored to your needs. 
We invite you to use the technical data comprised in the catalogue, which may help the user to choose the optimum tool and to use it most effectively.
 Any information about the prices and operational parameters of our tools may also be sought – depending on the needs –  through contact with our Sales Department or Technology Department, by phone or email.
Moreover, our catalogue is available in electronic version, on CD and in standard hardcopy.
Drills designated with the "BHH" mark have been enjoying recognition by our customers for the past 100 years.
We are now sharing this tradition with you, wishing you satisfaction and benefit from the purchase and use of our products.
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